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I asked the invigilators looking after the Welsh contribution to the Biennale to make a single piece of work based on a journey made during their time in Venice. I asked that the work should be started at the beginning of a journey and ended when the destination is reached. The works made have been published on the Featured Artists page including links to artist websites and contact details. A big thank you to Sian Green and Jess Matthews for their

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Northampton to London on the Grand Union Canal: a week long residency whilst delivering a new home!

I am really excited about this impromptu Canal Boat holiday/residency/delivery of a boat! Some good friends of mine who live in London bought a boat a few weeks ago in Derby. I have offered (along with my dad!) to deliver them their boat using the time to practice my helmsman skills and use the time as a residency to generate more work! This is going to be a fantastic way to test run a residency on a canal boat and

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Visit to Stourport with Uncle Merv 3rd – 4th September!

Me and Ellie are travelling to Stourport to meet Uncle Merv a fountain of knowledge about canal boats. We hope to go to boat yards meet some boat builders and maybe test drive some boats! We need to narrow(!) down the length and width of boat we want as well as get some idea of price! Its time to get geeky about engines and paintwork!

Directions to Venice Star

Directions to Venice Star hostel. After each instruction given I stopped to sketch what I could see.

Above and Below: Venice

These photos are part of an on-going project called ‘Above and Below.’ Started in Mongolia I wanted to find a way of documenting certain moments each day of a trip as a visual and written diary. Each piece works as a prompt to bring back the particular moments that would have normally been lost to memory.
Each day I choose a moment to stop and take a photo of what is above and below me and describe what I can see including what is to my right and left.

The Boat Project in Venice!

I have been awarded a travel grant to go to Venice to carry out research for The Boat Project!

I am traveling out the 29th July – 2nd August and will be using this time to investigate art being made in transit. In previous trips to the Biennale I have found journeying integral to the experience of Venice. When seeking out far-flung pavilions or searching for an old masters’ painting in a hidden church you inevitably traverse a myriad of alleyways,

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Ellie Young shot this nice little video of the boat approaching a tunnel!

Helmsman course on the Shropshire Union Canal

Me and Ellie have just completed a two day course on the Shropshire Union Canal with Terry the Boatman! We are now fullly qualified helmswomen!! We can drive any barge and carry passengers. We really enjoyed the two days spent on the canal, the gentle pace, the locks, the beautifully decorated boats and the characters we encountered all reinforced our sense that this would be an excellent space to inspire artists.

Our next step is to go to Stourport, visit James’

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Our Day visiting IKON – The Slow Boat, Birmingham

We headed up north to visit IKON Gallery in Birmigham who run their youth programme in a canal boat! We met up with a lovely lady called Kate who showed us inside the boat. Unfortunately there was no chance for a test drive as the canals were frozen over. We found the meeting very useful. It gave us ideas about how to use the space inside the boat as a studio as well as some pointers about how to acquire

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Plan of Action

This project aims to transform a canal boat into a residential space for emerging and professional artists to create work around the idea of ‘journey.’ The boat will be based in Wales and each residency will travel along the canal network to a different city in England. The artist on board would have a show/open studio event at their destination. The boat will then pick up another artist to do the journey back into Wales. This project is being supported

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