The Boat Project in Venice!

Written by Amber Mottram on June 28, 2013

I have been awarded a travel grant to go to Venice to carry out research for The Boat Project!

I am traveling out the 29th July – 2nd August and will be using this time to investigate art being made in transit. In previous trips to the Biennale I have found journeying integral to the experience of Venice. When seeking out far-flung pavilions or searching for an old masters’ painting in a hidden church you inevitably traverse a myriad of alleyways, bridges and canals making the experience of getting somewhere feel as vital as the arriving.

I have asked the invigilators looking after the Welsh contribution to the Biennale to make a single piece of work based on a journey made during their time in Venice. When I am there I  will also make a piece of work daily during the journeys I make to see the art. The work will be started at the beginning of a journey and ended when the destination is reached but aside from that can take any form! I hope that failed journeys, getting lost and distracted will be an inevitable and interesting component to this investigation and the boundaries set should produce work that is unique in both approach and outcome. Through this I hope to generate an idea of the type of work that will be created during our boat residencies and believe it will be an interesting and beneficial challenge to myself and the artists involved.

I will publish all the works plus links to artist websites on this blog as and when they come in.

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